Increase your Chance of Winning with Free Re-Spin Slots

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It can be hard for microgaming companies to have a fresh take on a classic game, but when it comes to parlour games, one of the most popular features is the re-spin feature. Unlike traditional games, free re-spin online slot games give Canadian players the option to test their luck and increase their chances of creating game changing combinations that will boost their credit score with no downloads required. Here's how it works: games with the “re-spin” feature give players the option to spin one of the reels of the game while the other reels are held still. This is a great option for players who are just an inch away from creating super combinations that may lead to wild cards that can result in huge payouts, bonus game draws, or even the massive jackpot. But with that said, there is a payoff for using the re-spin feature in free re-spin slots. Each time a player selects this option, he or she will need to “pay” for the re-spin which is generally determined by one's odds of spinning and hitting the symbol or symbols necessary to create a winning combination, such as aligning BAR symbols, 7s, or mixing and matching high level card symbols from 10s all the way to As. The price can be fairly steep, but for players who are a mere symbol or two away from hitting it big, it's certainly a worthwhile investment.