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Auto Play Free Slots No Download Required!

The phone rings. The kids are coming home from school. Duty calls and you need to step away for a moment. These are all reasons why many players take advantage of free auto play slots. Players never have to miss a beat – or lose a dime – when they select the auto play features on our casino-style free and no limit game of auto play slot machines for fun.

The auto play feature allows players in Canada and across the globe to continue to earn extra “play” cash and bonuses when they aren't even present. When selected, the exact same bet is continually wagered for players on the exact same paylines while they may be busy tending to other more important and pressing business. Another benefit: it can considerably speed up your game play. Games with the auto feature selected are fast paced and, unless a player is paying attention, can quickly raise or shrink a players balance, depending on his or her luck. Finally, one important aspect for players to keep in mind is that even though the games may be no limit, many games have a set number of automatic spins. This may be based on one's bankroll, or if bonus rounds or spins are triggered.