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If what you seek is a fun and incredibly interactive gaming experience, then cartoon free slot games are the way to go. Based on some of today's most popular cartoon characters in Canada, such as the feisty Pink Panther or the adventure seeking Aladdin, these games are as exciting as they are intriguing as you take advantage of free spins, credit-building multipliers and bonus rounds. Many of the most popular cartoon free slot games feature some of the most popular animated franchises of our time, such as The Simpsons and Family Guy. Crank the virtual one-armed bandit and allow the reels – and your luck - to guide you through the streets of Springfield or Quahog while introducing you to other colourful characters and popular landmarks along the way. Or set off on a harebrained adventure with the crazy kids of South Park and try to save Kenny from yet another perilous and life threatening debacle. While these games often have long wait times and massive lineups at the casino, we offer them for free 24 hours a day online with no downloads and no personal information required. So jump onto your some of your favourite cartoon free slots today and give them a whirl!