Feel Like Royalty and Reign Over Cleopatra Free Slots

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Fun fact: Did you know that there was more than one Cleopatra? Just as there was more than one Cleopatra reigning over various Egyptian dynasties, we have more than one style of free Cleopatra slots for players in Canada to jump in and enjoy. Typically focused on iconic “queen of the Nile” Cleopatra VII, games of this theme come in a wide variety of styles, from 3 reel games and beyond that are classic-style, multi-line, progressive or straight up jackpot slots. Send the reels blazing and enjoy the sights and sounds of the harps, lyres and lutes from around 30 BC. Combine and align symbols featuring rich gems and jewels like diamonds and emeralds and mountains of glimmering gold to rack up that credit balance, or hit the deathly asp that eventually claimed Cleopatra's life – and your credit score! Spin the Eye of Ra and potentially multiply your win, or land pharaoh heads, pyramids, Ankh and Sarcophagus symbols to make other credit boosting combinations. With our no sign up and zero cash requirement, players play games that offer the bonus features they're looking for, such as multipliers, bonuses and more. Choose wisely, and you'll end the day feeling like the queen or the king of the Nile yourself!