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Our free dice casino slot machine games always have a lucky roll hiding amongst the reels. Canadian high rollers who enjoy classic Monte Carlo-style gaming love the thrill that these traditionally themed games always deliver. Take your good fortune for a spin as you send our hot wheels rolling and aligning card symbols such as red hearts, black clubs, diamonds and the coveted spades. If you strike the royal flush, you may just win the game! Hit a set of trip sevens for a triple pay out, or line up BARs to rack up some mega cash. Slowly grow your balance mixing up symbols of 10s, Js, Qs, Ks and As, or get “snake eyes” and lose it all. Many dice-inspired games feature other symbols that are notorious for making or breaking one's luck, such as black and white magic 8 balls, fortune cookies, green four leaf clovers, wish bones, golden horseshoes and stone Buddha statues. Whether you're feeling lucky or are looking for a fun and exciting way to enjoy your day, players can enjoy our free dice slot machines games online without any of the risk! Play today without needing to lay down a deposit or install any software.