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Welcome to the new Dawn of the Dinosaurs! From the Triassic period to the Jurassic to the very end of the Mesozoic era over 66 million years ago, dinosaurs have spent more time on the the earth than human beings as we know ourselves. Some descendents from these intriguing ancient periods live on, and we like to consider our online dinosaur slot machines as being one of them! Free to play and no installation necessary, players can jump right into their very own “Jurassic Park” and venture deep into the jungles where they'll find symbols of different dinos, Rhinos and more! Stumble upon a family of sharp horned but surprisingly gentle Triceratops at a watering hole and create paylines featuring this mellow beast, or spin symbols of rope swings, sickles and images of jungle adventurers as you run for your life from a blood thirsty Velociraptor or vicious T-Rex! Players can take flight with a Pterodactyl and explore a lush green landscape featuring symbols of violently erupting volcanoes, tangled green vines, and palm trees, or they can lumber alongside a Saber-Toothed tiger and see symbols featuring some of the most beloved dinosaurs such as the Apatosaurus, the Stegosaurus and the Wooly Mammoth. Our casino-quality games feature a number of different types of no limit game play with no downloads required, allowing players to improve and enhance their game play. Choose your favourite gaming style or experience something new as you crown yourself king of the jungle with our free dinosaur slots online in Canada!