Our Drink Free Slots Won't Leave You “Bottoms Up”

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“Free drinks” may be a huge draw for newbie players in Las Vegas hoping to get a no-money-down alcoholic beverage along the strip, but when it comes to online play, free drink online slot machines are what the serious players are after. Featuring state of the art graphics and delightful sound effects, players can hunker down in their kitchens with a plate of hot wings as they spin the reels and increase their credit balance without even needing to venture out to a casino. While some virgin drinks may be featured in a number of games, most take a “walk on the wild side” and include a variety of more fun and exciting mixed beverages of whiskey and vodka.

But that isn't to say that our drink free slots are lacking any class. From martinis to cosmos to glasses of fine vino, our themes bring a touch of elegance to every game while allowing players to indulge in multiple reel and payline no limit game play. For those who like to live the party life, a variety of beer fest games featuring some craft brews allow players in Canada to whet their whistle and earn their way to bonus rounds, extra features (beer pong, anyone?), and stacked jackpots.