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One of the most prolific of ancient civilizations is the Egyptian civilization, a culture which is still regarded as having numerous mystic properties and being a land of uncovered secrets. Players are treated to the landscape of their dreams as they test and try different reels and paylines to capitalize on their gold credit earnings and move towards the mega jackpot. Our online Egyptian slot machines attempt to discover the mystery of this secretive land by allowing players to try their luck as they mix and match a variety of classic Arabic artifacts and symbols such as pyramids, the legendary sphinx, sun gods and the eyes of Amon Ra. Hit the wild symbol and experience unforeseen fortune as your credit balance soars! Experience the gods and their wrath or wisdom as you navigate your way through flesh hungry mummy villains and celebrate in the heroes of Egypt, such as King of the Nile Narmer, Osiris and Horus. Utilize forgiving bonus rounds and spins that will help guide you through your dastardly mission through Egypt and continue to earn the credits necessary to reach your final destination. Whatever the Egyptian free slots you choose are, you'll be delighted with a different tale every time, and with no deposit or registration required every time.