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Reignite your spirit of exploration and set off on a virtual journey alongside some of the most notorious admirals – that is, without the frost bite, blistered toes, and extreme hunger. Online explorer slot machines in Canada are a great way for players with a sense of adventure to try their luck and good fortune as they venture off into deep rain forest jungles where they may encounter some of the most brutal of beasts, or pay a visit to the great unknown on an exciting space exploration. For history buffs, our explorer free slots will land you right beside Marco Polo, Columbus and other renowned admirals as you trek through unforgiving mountain terrain. Or perhaps an undersea treasure hunt is what you seek. Pick your wager, tap the “Spin” button and be treated to aquatic symbols of majestic ocean mammals, cute sea creatures, cruise ships, and more. Players have the option of numerous reels and varying paylines so that they can craft their bet any way they see fit and increase their chances of hitting it big. Several of the games include coveted bonus rounds and features that will guide you along your chosen path and hopefully keep you well out of harm's way. With no downloads and no cash required, all you need to do is to focus on your final destination – the jackpot!