Become Your Own Legend and Play Free Greek Slots

Go Grecian with Greek Free Slot Games!

Travel to a time when legends were truths and Mount Olympus was the centre of the universe, when gods and goddesses reigned supreme and man could do nothing more but tremble in their wake. Our Greek free slot games take players back to the land of the gods and draws from mythological themes and treasured Grecian tales as players spin the reels and are treated to classic Greek images and symbols. From flaming titans to stockpiles of gold to famous landscapes and beyond, players can create a number of exciting symbol combinations to win, hitting game changing scatter and wild symbols along the way that may forever change their fate. Embroil yourself in a thrilling battle to win over Sparta, or draw yourself into one of the oldest family feuds as Zeus attempts to yet again overthrow his father, Kronos, the original ruler of Titans. Align the reels just right and take a peek inside Pandora's Box (could it be the jackpot?) or build up your credits to creep up to Medusa's miserable lair. Our mystic free Greek slots require no registration and no sign up here in Canada, meaning that players can focus on the fun while creating a winning strategy on our cutting edge Vegas-style games!