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Have a delight for fright? Are you a sucker for thrills and chills? Then you'll love our free horror slot games online. Every day is Halloween as players venture through our very own virtual graveyard and pick and choose their scare. Each game features rich graphics and chilling sound effects that make players feel as if they have just stepped into a series of bloody horror stories that promise to transform the quiet and peaceful homes in Canada into Transylvania. Escape the werewolf-inducing full moon and step into a foreboding castle that's teaming with immortal ghosts and goblins, or concoct intriguing potions with the witch next door. Spin the right symbols, and that potion may turn your horror night into the best night of your life as you hit the jackpot! Or transport yourself to the haunted Sleepy Hollow and dash amongst jack-o-lanterns as you race away from the notorious headless horseman. With symbols ranging from frivolous Frankensteins and humourous mad scientists to blood-seeking vampires and wicked wizards, there's a scare out there for very player. With no download, deposit or divulging of personal information required, players can enjoy no limit game play while exploring our variety of spooky free horror slots online.