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For those who are tired of making small gains and are craving a big win, the best type of game for these players are free jackpot slots. Affording players numerous chances to hit it big, games that incorporate a game winning mega jackpot are a favourite amongst thrill seekers in Canada. This feature has been incorporated into a number of different free jackpot slot games with varying mechanics, some offering under 10 paylines while others offer even more, thereby giving players greater chances of becoming winners. Others may have multipliers or even bonus multipliers which can double your initial wager should you align 2 or 3 symbols on the very same row.

One aspect that players who are rearing to try their luck and win a bonanza of a jackpot is that the type of game they choose can affect their potential become an instant millionaire. For example, unlike classic jackpot games, progressive-style play will take a percentage of each bet placed and add it to the jackpot. To make matters more complicated, there are different styles of progressives to look you for, such as Stand Alone, In-House progressives (which are linked to other progressive games around the casino) and Wide Area (which are linked to games across the city or even the country). Pick and play from a wide variety of instant access jackpot-style games that have players all over this country jumping for joy!