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Glistening and glimmering and ever so tempting, jewels and gems free slot games are a traditional theme that have drawn players in Canada and around the globe to these one-armed bandits for decades. Though the classic 3 reel games are still heavily played, players can now venture to 5 reels and beyond while also immersing themselves in exciting storylines and engaging subplots. Deep jungle explorations while on the hunt for a prized diamond or jewel are always a thrilling ride, or travel to the orient on an expedition to find the coveted Jewel of Arabia. Save a princess from a deadly situation, or simply go on a personal mining trip in search of your own treasures and crystals. Take advantage of fast paced mini games and payline multipliers to advance yourself further along your journey while also padding your credit balance and boosting the jackpot. Uncover a pacific jewel or find the Jewel of the Nile, and you'll be crowned king or queen as well as win tons of free credits! Players can indulge in the luxury and glamour of royalty as they spin the reels of our free jewels and gems free slots without ever needing to spend a dollar. Risk-free and with no sign up required, these games are certainly a diamond in the rough!