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Enjoy Free Jungle Slots to Play Online

The real jungle is just as dangerous and inviting as our online free jungle slot games. The rich graphics and real life sound effects featured in our games draw players in Canada away from their living rooms and transport them right in the center of the wild Amazon where they can win the jackpot and reign as king or queen. But there's a catch: players must embark on a perilous quest in order to win big. There could be credit crunching beasts and coin snatching critters creeping amongst that lush green tropical foliage, but hit a lucky combination and you can cut yourself free from the tangle of bushes and branches and make a break towards the mega jackpot. Or play progressive slots and swing from vine to vine like Tarzan, gradually gathering coins and making gains towards a major win. Just be sure to look out below – you never know when a lion may make a leap for your feet! Coming in a selection of gaming styles and offering numerous bonus features for players to pick and choose from, there is a jungle themed game here for anyone. With no sign up or deposit necessary, players can get in on the madness any time and anywhere!