Samba Your Way to our Free Latin American Slots

Enjoy Free Latin American Slots to Play

Human civilization has been present on this earth for thousands of years, but the culture that we embrace here in Canada hasn't been that of others from the past. Our free Latin America slots can either treat you to the life of the party or take you back to a revolutionary time that established the roots for fine art, architecture, math, and astronomical systems – and when death was an acceptable penalty for losing a ball game. Take a glimpse into the daily life of a Maya in the Yucatan and experience what they saw as you spin symbols of Mayan pyramids, hidden idols, treasures such as rubies and emeralds, and Mayan calendars. Head slightly north and you may just run into a few friendly Aztec people who are willing to share their reel symbols of rocky idols, gleaming necklaces, fierce leopards and Inca pyramids. If you're lucky, they just may introduce you to the Aztec King who may unlock a secret bonus round.

For the non-history buffs who are more interested in babes and dancing the samba, we invite you to travel south to the country of Brazil where Carnival is always in full swing and a beach party beckons. From symbols of juicy fruits and beating drums to wildly dressed and attractive Brazilian party goers, players will feel just as if they're a part of the excitement. Whatever your fancy, our cash-free Latin American slots are open 24/7 online and are free to play!