Come Heavy and Take a Shot with Free Mafia Slots

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Much like The Godfather, when it comes to our free mafia slot games, we make offers that absolutely no player in Canada can refuse! Featuring themes that give us a glimpse into the thrilling and dangerous lives of notorious gangsters such as Al Capone, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and Charlie “Lucky” Luciano, players can spin the reels and progress through the dangerous streets of New York, Chicago and beyond while encountering symbols of these iconic cities such as towering skyscrapers, dangerous back alleyways and other notable landmarks. Join in with the fratellanza of the Cosa Nostra as you attempt to score millions while engaging in a full on gang war and combine symbols of guns, spiked brass knuckles and vicious pit bulls and doberman pincers. Align the symbols correctly and you may be welcomed in as a permanent member of the family! Experience the life of crime that's all about living fast and dying young while playing our high octane casino-style games without any of the risk! Not only will you not end up in the slammer, but you don't even need to sacrifice a penny to play. Free and available to anyone, take your chances with our free mafia slots. You'd be pazzo not to play!