Our Enchanted Free Magic Slots are No Hocus Pocus

Outfox Our Free Magic Slots to Play

The good luck that follows our free magic slot games is no optical illusion. Players in Canada can now choose from a variety of awesome magic-themed games ranging from whimsical and funny to dark and frightening. Enjoy a silly magic show featuring symbols of snow white bunnies popping out of black top hats, waving magic wands, chained chests and decks of cards, or plant some magic beans and be taken to a magical faraway land where lovable characters such as a cute fairy, chubby elf, and beautiful unicorn will greet you on the reels. Combine symbols of dragons or gnomes and who knows – you may just unlock the secret wooden door and score your way to a credit boosting bonus round! If cute and cuddly aren't your speed, you can become a brooding wizard master and concoct your own devilish spells and schemes as you encounter symbols featuring bubbling cauldrons, spell books, black cats and wizard hats. Just be careful, as one unfortunate spin can result in frightening illusions that may forecast a dire fate or can cast a deadly hex that can end your game. Without the need for installation and no cash required, playing our free magic slots is as simple as waving a wand and saying, “Abracadabra!”