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The enchanted lands of the East are what draw players in Canada to our free Middle East slot games. With no need for downloading, anyone can hop on their PC or mobile device and experience a world which most of us can only dream of. Hop aboard a flying magic carpet and head to Arabia where you'll experience what true Arabian nights feel like. With symbols such as camels, tents, a fez, handsome Arabic sultans and gorgeous women, you'll feel as if you're walking the dusty streets ancient Turkey or India. Or join in on a caravan headed straight to Egypt and experience the sights and sounds of this historic country. Explore towering pyramids in search of gold, jewels and gems, but be sure not to try and stretch your good fortune to thin by attempting to swipe an ancient idol! Otherwise you may have a scary mummy hot on your heels as you try to spin your way out of a perilous situation. Along with classic symbols such as the Eye of Rah, sharpened swords and mythical Roc birds, our free middle east slots boast richly embellished and decorated high card symbols such as 10, J, Q, K, and A that help players pad their credit score and hit the jackpot.