Roll the Die and Try Our Free Monopoly Slots

Free Monopoly Slots to Play Online

Reintroduce yourself to one of the most cherished and iconic board games of the past century when you play free Monopoly slot games. Loaded with unpredictable features and tons of fun, players can indulge in fast paced gaming as they virtually make their way around this classic board game. Hit the “Spin” button and head past Mediterranean and Baltic Avenue as you mix and match beloved symbols from the game such as silver Wheelbarrows, wagging Scottie Dogs, Thimbles, Top Hats and Old style shoe. Or climb into Rich Uncle Pennybags' Racecar or hop onto a Battleship and zip past the jail as you land on the unpredictable “Chance” spot. Align the symbols correctly and you can rack up some serious free coins. Land the “Go to Jail” combination, and you may find yourself trapped and without any money. With the potential to earn extra property, utility and community chest bonuses, players can quickly earn tons of free credits in our free Monopoly slots, but can be robbed of their riches just as quickly by hitting income tax and super tax combinations. Without the need for installation or money, Canadian players can start building their spinning strategy today in a fun filled and risk-free environment!