Feel the Thrill of the Wild with Free Nature Slots

Tame Our Free Nature Slots to Play

Tap into your wild side as you explore the different themes and storylines that lie behind our free nature slot games. Inspired by the natural settings of a variety of environments from around the globe, Canadians can choose to venture off into the forests of our beautiful home country or head off on a tropical jungle adventure in lands beyond. Tread along virtual mossy paths and peer out from behind the bark of tall evergreen trees as you remain on the lookout for less than friendly forest animals such as black bears, grey wolves, and snarling cougars. As you venture deeper and listen to the sounds of robins and blue jays, you'll be treated to other sights and sounds of the forest such as cuddly squirrels and chipmunks, bubbling streams and rustling leaves. Or, if you're looking or a change of scenery, transport yourself to the Amazon rainforest. Bushwhack your way through vines and lush brush as you align symbols of exotics such as rich coral coloured orchid flowers, ripe bananas, and a blazing sun and moon. Whatever your adventure of choice, our free nature slots allow players to send themselves to any point on the planet with no need for cash or a plane ticket!