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Ninjas were born from Japanese legend where they are believed to have descended from a dangerous demon that was half man and half crow. While notorious and well known today, there are actually very few historical accounts of ninjas – only adding to their credibility of being highly secretive and rarely seen or heard. Our free Ninja slots are designed to celebrate the spirit of these silently lurking and swift thinking individuals who were often hired to act as spies, engage in sabotage missions, and to assassinate. Prowl along the streets of modern day Japan on a secret samurai mission where you've been hired to infiltrate and assassinate the base of a well known adversary. Mix and match symbols including ninja stars, swords, and Japanese symbols to make your way further into the enemy's lare and deliver the final blow by aligning sneaky samurai symbols. As Canadian players progress through free ninja online slot games, they'll be treated to well known Asian landmarks and images of fruits such as cherries, watermelons and grapes, while being able to slowly grow their credits scores through combining traditional high card symbols such as 10, J, Q, K and A. Try our thrilling fast-paced Ninja games today, risk free!