Boost Your Luck with Free Nudge and Hold Slots

Free Nudge and Hold Slots to Play

Game creators are always looking for fresh ways to shake things up, and one of the newest ways for players to enjoy their classic games is through free nudge and hold online slot games. Unlike traditional casino games where players simply crank the one armed bandit or hit the “Spin” button, this style of gaming gives players the option of “nudging” symbols such as red cherries, 7s and bars below, above or on the line, or eventually “holding” or retaining their symbols. Here's how it works: in these games, players are given the option to “nudge” symbols, meaning that players can choose to push one symbol up or down the line. For example, you may have one “7” on the line with two above. Players can then “nudge” one of the 7s down with the assumption of this increasing one's chances of winning these often progressive games. Typically once a player has used up all of his or her “nudges” in free nudge and hold slots, they will then be given the option to “hold” their two symbols simultaneously so that they don't lose the option of aligning 3 or more of a kind. There are a number of ways in which Canadians can use this feature to their advantage, but the key is for each player to carefully observe each of our no downloads virtual machines so that he or she can devise the best game winning strategy.