Play Classic Free One-Armed Bandit Slots Online

Free One-Armed Bandit Slots No Deposit Online

Travel back to the old school era of gaming machines when you play our free one-armed bandit slots. Before there was ever a “Spin” button there was this traditional coin-operated style of game play in which players would need to “crank” or pull down on an “arm” affixed to the side of the “Money Honey” gaming machine in order to send those reels spinning. Many of the online one-armed bandit slot games today pay respect to this classic style of gaming by offering a number of beloved and well known themes from that time such as BAR sign symbol games, fruit symbols such as cherries, bananas and watermelons, and of course triple 7s. Scattered amongst the reels players will also find the typical high-card symbols ranging from 9s and 10s all the way up to Ks and As, though depending on the storyline or theme players may be treated to other symbols as well. Aquatic-themed games offer symbols of sword fish, gaped-mouthed cod and luxury yachts, while jungle-based games may feature creatures such as tigers and sneaky snakes and lush ferns and underbrush from the tropical rainforest. Combine and align the symbols just right and you'll hit the mega credit boosting jackpot!