Watch your Luck Take Flight with Free Phoenix Slots

Swoop Into Free Phoenix Slots No Deposit

Canadian players can watch their luck and good fortune take flight when playing our free Phoenix online slot games. In ancient scripts the Phoenix was described as being a bird that very much resembled an eagle, yet possessed beautiful red and gold feathers with two long feathers flowing from the back of its head. Originally known as a mythical and divine Grecian “Bennu” bird that is constantly reborn, the Phoenix was said to have continually resurrected itself by rising from the crisp ashes of its predecessor in a blazing ball of fire, after which it then takes flight once again. As a symbol of both immortality and of new life, the wisdom that these birds possess can lead players to unimaginable wealth and treasures as they hit the “spin” button and encounter symbols featuring the wild Phoenix itself, an Egyptian highness, and bronze-skinned Pharaohs. As you play our free Phoenix slots you'll be treated to symbols of gleaming gold treasures and idols, feather-laden head dresses, and necklaces loaded with jewels as you make your way through the game and build your credit score. Match gem-encrusted golden scarabs, pyramids, Eye of Ra and the Ankh and you may enjoy a mega payday!