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Play Free Pirate Slots No Deposit Necessary

Ahoy, mateys! Canadians can now climb aboard a virtual ship and enjoy a wealth of free pirate online slot games with no sign up or cash required. Set sail on the high seas and swindle yourself some credits as you send the reels spinning in an attempt to win the coveted treasure. But before one can head off on this thrilling journey, symbols of maps, ship wheels and light houses must be spun before a trip to a scary ghost cave is to be undertaken. Align symbols featuring cannons, crossed swords, and hook hands as you engage in a dastardly battle with an enemy ship. One mis-spin may have you walking the plank and losing some serious credits, but spin just right and you'll win the battle and be well on your way to crying “Land Ho!” . If you're feeling lucky, hop off the boat and onto a misty island where you'll set off in search of secret treasures. But there's a catch. It's said that there is a ghost pirate lurking about these parts, one which will gladly steal your cash – and take your life – if you happen to have an unfortunate run in with this ghastly ghoul. Narrowly dodge any dire meet and greets with the notorious ghost and make your way through the cave and towards the mega jackpot as you spin symbols of treasure chests, chatty parrots and desert islands when you play our free pirate online slot games!