Enjoy the Classics as you Spin our Free Pub Slots

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For those who are a fan of the classics, our free online pub slot games are then sure to fit the bill. Mirroring the old school games that one would expect to see in a British pub or English parlour decades ago, these virtual machines follow the same themes and share the same symbols from that time. “Fruity” game lovers will be delighted as they spin the reels and combine delectable fruits such as sunshine yellow lemons, sliced water melons, rich green kiwis and sweet pineapples. Align those beloved cherries just right and you'll score some major credits that will allow you to sweeten your next fruit-filled bet. For players who aren't in need of a delicious treat, our free pub slots feature other common themes such as BARs, 7s, grapes and cherries. Triple your potential pay out and enjoy some traditional triple 7 gaming action as you spin our wheels and see shiny ringing bells, glimmering stars, dollar “$” signs and hopefully triple 7 symbols. Those hungry for cash will enjoy our money-themed games with symbols of golden coins, bullion, thick gold bars and stacks of hundred dollar bills. From classic one-armed bandit style play to multiple reels and paylines, Canadians can begin playing our games today completely risk-free!