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Our free season casino slot machine games may freeze you out, but they certainly have a reputation of running hot for Canadian players! Whether you have a penchant for the chillier weather that winter brings or prefer to throw on a pair of flip flops and catch a tan, our wide selection of seasonal games allow you to experience whatever climate you wish, regardless of the weather outside of your window. Step inside your own winter wonderland as you spin classic symbols of the season such as warm red toques, cheery snowmen, brightly wrapped gifts with big bouncy bows and ice skates. Or grab an ice pick and travel deep into the arctic as you uncover frozen treasures and stone idols and encounter a polar bear, winter wolf, or a baby seal. Players can heat things up and experience a race-day spring carnival with symbols of horse jockeys, rainbows, trophies, and ladies in large floppy hats. If summer is the season of your choice, then summer-themed free online season slot machine games such as those celebrating the summer solstice are sure to delight you. Featuring symbols of whimsical fairies, loopy landscapes and classic card symbols of spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs, there are a number of ways for players to win. Try our casino-style games today without any installation or cash required!