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Thrill seekers and experienced Canadian gamers who enjoy fast paced game play enjoy choosing from our selection of free speed up casino slot machine games. Games that offer this option typically reward players with more credits for playing faster than what is considered to be a moderate speed, which is why gamers should only engage in this type of timed play if they are incredibly familiar with the specific game of their choosing. For example, if you have been playing traditional-style games that feature the classic cherry, BAR, and triple 7 symbols and are well versed in the intricacies of that particular game, then the speed up option may be for you. Be sure to not make the mistake of assuming that all games play out the same way, however, even if they do carry the same theme. Comic book inspired games, such as Superman games, come with a plethora of different rules and symbols. One game may have Clark Kent's eyeglasses be the “Wild” symbol while others may use the Superman emblem for this purpose. Scatter symbols can also change from theme to theme, being Luke's light saber in one Star Wars game while Darth Vader's helmet may be the symbol in the next. The key to successfully playing our no downloads free speed up slot machine games online is to do so only once you have a full understanding of the specific game you choose to play, and only when you're able to focus in and make fast decisions as those reels continue to spin.