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One of the most enticing extra features that any casino-style machine online can offer are free spins. When players choose to bet on free slots with free spins, they’re giving themselves a huge competitive advantage. In classic style “free spins free slots” online gaming machines players can rack up some extra credits imply because they were able to give the reels another whirl, or some games may offer players the chance to take advantage of mega multipliers during these bonus rounds. For the progressive free play fans, these bonus lucky spins can completely change a player's fortune and lead them not only further along their online gaming journey, but players are treated to an ever-growing jackpot which they can see right on the screen as they continue to try their luck and devise machine dominating tactics.

Varying in themes and game styles, free bonus spins are a real selling point for many games online. While in real cash games extra spins can be used as a feature to get players hooked and dropping hard earned dollars into the machine, our free spin games here in Canada don't require a dime. In fact, there's no where to put that cash because our games are absolutely free!