Enjoy the Classics and Play Free Straight Slots

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One of the most popular styles of games amongst Canadian players today are the original American-style free straight casino slot machine games. When played, these games pay credits out to players as per the pay schedules that are listed on the machine. For example, players may spin reels and hit one BAR symbol that pays out 5 credits on one line, or if they hit two BAR symbols they may then receive 12 credits. Three BAR symbols may earn a player 20 credits. These games are more simple and easier to follow than progressive slots, though there are variations of free straight slot machine games online including: the multiplier, the bonus multiplier, multiple payline games, and buy-a-pay games. Multiplier and bonus multiplier games are fairly straight forward. Let's say a machine will pay 5 credits for three stripes when you play with 1 credit. If you play with 2 credits, a player would then receive ten credits in return if they hit a winning combination (5 credits multiplied by the two you put in), and 15 credits if three credits were played. A bonus multiplier game only differs in that a bonus is offered when you play with maximum credits. Multiple payline games pay out depending on the amount of coins deposited (i.e. one credit may only pay the middle line, whereas three credits could pay the top line and a horizontal line if you hit a winning cherry combination) while buy-a-pay games can vary in rules and lead to either major or minimal payouts. Our best advice: before you hit that “spin” button, make sure that you read the rules and understand how you can best optimize your chances to win based on the style of game you play.