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Canadian players can take themselves anywhere and at any time when they spin the reels of our free travel casino slot machine games! Treat yourself to the vacation of a lifetime as you take a trip around the world and explore the sights and sounds of foreign lands. Play games with Caribbean themes and mix and match symbols of cerulean blue ocean waters, brightly coloured tropical fish and lush green palm trees, or go on a road trip to orient and enjoy games boasting symbols of their culture, such as fire breathing dragons and fortune cookies. Hop into an aircraft and fly on over to Egypt and see symbols of the Great Pyramid of Giza and Sphinx, or go on an African safari and witness lions, tigers and rhinos at play. Before you head back to Canada, be sure to stop and hail a taxi on the streets of New York and see the city's famous landmarks like the Empire state Building and Statue of Liberty. But our free travel online slot machine games won't just take you around the globe - they'll take you to a whole other time! Climb aboard our virtual time travel machine and take a journey of discovery as you travel alongside Admiral Columbus and spin symbols of ships crashing through rocky water, coveted golden treasures, and images of Christopher Columbus himself.