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With roots in Grecian astrology and astronomy, westerners now most commonly associate the zodiac with horoscopes and fortune, whether that fortune be for the better or for the worse. Canadian players can test their luck when playing free zodiac casino slot machine games without the need to sign up, place a deposit or even read the newspaper to see what fortunes their day will bring! Hit the streets of Eastern China and spin classic zodiac symbols such as Gemini, Scorpio, and Libra, while enjoying images of famous landmarks like the Great Wall of China, or enjoy games featuring images of what each zodiac symbol represents such as twins, scorpions, and balanced scales. Match up symbols of Pisces or fish, and Sagittarius or centaurs, and you may just score a huge credit payload. Lucky players can even test their luck and play amongst the stars that feature the zodiacal signs as well as other recognizable constellations such as the small and big dipper. Match up star symbols to build the constellation of Draco or The Great Bear and score a Supernova jackpot! With a variety of themes and ways to win, test your luck today and play our free zodiac slot machine games online.