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Raise your good fortune from the crypt and enjoy freakishly fast and fun game play when playing our free zomby casino slot machine games. Believed to have originated in Haitian folklore, zombies were believed to be a walking and talking corpse that could only be raised through magical and often evil means. Join a troupe of the walking dead as you spin symbols of brains, eyeballs and bloody axes and bats, or dash and duck amongst symbols of ghoulish green faces, gas masks, and whizzing chainsaws as you try to get to the safe zone and score some zombie money. Our selection of free zomby online slots machine games also feature themes of some of today's most popular horror and zombie-related flicks and television shows. Enjoy animated symbols featuring some of you favourite characters in action, such as Daryl Dixon and Beth Green, and align images of heat-shaped lockets, ravens and screw drivers to gradually grow your credit score. Canadians can play and follow along with story lines from some of the greatest zombie movies of our time, such as Dawn of the Dead as you spin the reels that appear to be located inside of a suburban mall and avoid symbols of sallow-faced and deathly pale skinned zombies.